Frequently asked question

Dear BVB-Fans,

we summarized the frequently asked question referring to the Adrenalin – Trip below. We hope you’ll find answers to most of your questions. If there are any additional assistance, please contact us.

Tickets: Can we get tickets in other categories or blocks?

It is not possible to get tickets in a different category or block. We can only offer tickets for the categories 3 and 5.

Tickets: I made several connected bookings – do we sit together in the stadium?

On page 1 of the booking form you have the possibility to name the total number of bookings and the names of the fellow traveler. If you mention the connected bookings here, we will consider your wishes.

Please, excuse that we can’t guarantee connected seats. If you are part of a large group your seats may be distributed to different rows or separated from a corridor.

Tickets: Can I use public transport on match day?

On match day you can use the public transport (tourist class) – train, bus, underground. But attention, you aren’t allowed to use public long-distance traffic like IC or ICE.

Reclassification: The game takes place on Friday or Sunday can I change the reservation?

In general the period of stay is always Friday to Sunday even if the match takes place on Friday or Sunday.

If you want to change the period of your stay (e.g. Thursday – Saturday or Saturday – Monday), please contact us. We will be pleased to clarify with your hotel.

Additional nights: I would like to arrive a rather day or stay a night longer

Feel free to request an additional night. Please contact us:

When does the terminations occur?

The exact match termination occur 4 to 6 weeks before the match takes place.

Is the transfer included in the Adrenalin Trip packages?

No, the transfer is not included.

Prior to the booking process: Where are we going to stay overnight?

We offer different hotels for the Adrenalin Trip as well as for the Adrenalin Trip Plus. In the course of the booking process they will be shown and you choose one. We described every hotel with a short text and a picture.

Registration: How to book several rooms

You can only book one room per booking process. If you would like to book several rooms you have to make a new reservation.

Registration: How to make sure that several bookings belong together (e.g. to sit together in the stadium)

On page 1 of the booking form you have the possibility to name the total number of bookings and the names of the fellow traveler. We try to comply with it virtually possible.

Registration: I didn’t receive a booking confirmation

After your booking process you automatically receive an e-mail with your booking confirmation. If not, please check up your spam folder, too.

Otherwise, please contact us. We will recheck if the e-mail address and the credit card details are correct to make sure that your booking process was successful.

After the booking process: How to change a participant’s name?

If your fellow traveller’s name changes, please write an e-mail to . We modify the name for a fee of 15€.

After the booking process: Which documents will I receive?

After the booking process you receive the booking confirmation via e-mail. You don’t get other documents.

Your Adrenalin Trip package with the stadium tickets, the vouchers etc. are deposited in your hotel room.

Payment: How to pay the Adrenalin-Trips?

Our Trips can be paid exclusively with credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express). Any other payment isn’t possible but the credit card does not have to be your own card.

In the last step of your booking process we will ask for your credit card details and we will safe them for the payment on a secured web page.

Payment: When is the amount debited?

In general we debit you credit card 2 weeks before the match takes place.

If the amount is not debited yet, don’t worry, if the payment did not work we will contact you.

What is really important is that you got the booking confirmation via e-mail.

Cancellation: Can I cancel the booking?

In general you have to pay the complete travel costs.

Cancellation: Can I depute my booking to someone else?

The traveller’s names can be modified for a fee of 15€.

Arrival: What do I have to bring with me?

Please bring your printed booking confirmation with you.

If you forgot the confirmation, doesn’t matter, the hotels have a list of the guest’s names.

Tickets: In which category/block my tickets are?

The Adrenalin-Trip PLUS tickets are part of category 3 and situated in blocks 32 or 52.

The Adrenalin-Trip tickets are part of category 5 and situated in blocks 30 and 37.

Booking codes

When the game isn’t bookable anymore, we can’t recall the accounting process. The content correspond to the data and information on your booking confirmation you received via e-mail.


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